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Every project I complete leaves me even more hungry. Hungry for more designs, more code, and a couple of more twinkies. As a result, I try to offer the Best Web Experiences.

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Asad Yusupov
|Founder / Sales Strategist|

(Actually loves star wars episode III)

Kevin Stowe
|Founder / Tech-Strategist|

(Still plays WarCraft)

David Núñez
|Founder / Design Strategist|

(Believes we’re DEFINITELY in a simulation)

Mark Strizalkouski

|Business Development Director|

(Loves the cuisine style at Panda Express)

Chelsea Stern

|Social Media Strategist|

(Thinks Mini-Golf is a Horrible Date Idea)

John Barkules

|Photo & Video Specialist|

(Believes O.J. was INNOCENT)

Sarah Muennich

|Client Specialist|

(Thinks Vegan-Burgers Taste like real meat)

Alison Smith

|Quality Assurance|

(PETA member since 97’)

Melissa Seahawk


(Tries to find area-51 in Google Maps)

Steve Cornet

|SEO Specialist|

(Thinks Bella should’ve Chosen Jacob)

Nick Rasheed

|SEO Specialist|

(Doesn’t Believe in Moon Landing )

Simon O’Connor

|Back-End Developer|

(HighSchool Chess Master)

Brandon Sanders

|Front-End Developer|

(Calls Soccer Football)

Jack Mesner

|Mobile Developer|

(Aspiring Hand Model)

Paul Kotula

|Jr. Developer|

(Rubix Cube champion)

Ulysses Jones

|Jr. Developer|

(Gym Addict)

Alex Lototsky

|Lead Designer|

(Only Works at night)

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